About Us

A clinic at the current location was established as a family medical practice in the 1960's by Doctors Allan Trinca and Robert Gardiner. Upon their retirement, Doctor Phillip Liefman (who attended the practice as a child) was asked to take over. He has run the clinic since 1987, assisted by his wife Jillian, the practice nurse.

With many years as an assistant surgeon (previously Orthopaedic, General Surgery, Breast Cancer, Plastics, currently Neurosurgery) Doctor Liefman developed a growing interest in skin cancer. Returning to medical school, he completed a Master of Medicine Degree in Skin Cancer in 2008.

In 2009, the Bayside Skin Cancer Clinic, which had operated in Mentone since 2004, was scheduled for closure by its owner - Healthscope. Instead, Doctor Liefman took over the running of the clinic and amalgamated it into the Beaumaris rooms.

Bayside Skin Cancer and Medical Clinic was born!

The current medical team at the clinic is Dr Phillip Liefman, Dr Waldemar Wadjwicz, Dr Fred Van De Velde and Dr Robert Cai.

In 2016, a major renovation and refurbishment of the rooms was undertaken, resulting in stunning new premises and additional space.  This has enabled the talented team of doctors to be expanded, to include both male and female doctors with relevant experience and a passion for the detection, treatment, prevention and care of skin cancer. 

Bayside Skin Cancer and Medical Clinic has invested in the latest technology in imaging and other equipment to provide the highest level of service in the early detection and treatment of skin cancer through a highly regarded preventive care program.