Vitamin D Deficiency

The seriousness of Vitamin D deficiency has recently gained greater recognition.

Over 3000 articles have been published on Vitamin D were published in 2010 , making it the most prolific area in medicine that year.

Sunlight is integral to vitamin D production, yet sun exposure is associated with increased skin cancer rates.  We need to sun block, but it will lower our vitamin D level.

Lower rates of vitamin D have been associated with:

Fortunately we can avoid the sun, yet maintain our vitamin D stores with safe and inexpensive supplementation.

In the mid 1990's, our clinic alerted our patients to the benefits of vitamin D3, importing D3 , at a time when only the inferior vitamin D2 was commercially available. Since the mid 2000's, Vitamin D3 is now readily available in Australia

If you have children, remember to think of them.  Children's vitamin D dosage is more intricate and they are less comfortable with blood tests. 

Most of us need an oral vitamin D supplement