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Fees & Services

Full body skin assessment

$95 to $130 performed by a qualified doctor (Eligible for a Medicare rebate)

Full body photography

$190 performed by our practice nurse, assessed by a qualified doctor

Biopsy is the removal of skin tissue (by scraping, punch or excision) in order to study the specimen in a laboratory. Skin lesions are usually biopsied , in order to accurately plan management after a diagnosis is made.

Cryotherapy is a technique used to remove some abnormal or cancerous cells by freezing them with an extremely cold liquid (usually liquid nitrogen). It has the advantage of destroying the lesions whist trying not to damage the surrounding healthy skin.

Excision of skin cancer is the removal of a lesion by cutting the cancerous or pre cancerous cells, along with a margin of healthy skin around it. The wound is then closed with stitches.

Biopsies, excisions, cryotherapy and other skin cancer treatments may incur various fees. Where such treatments are required, your doctor will discuss these with you.

All consultations with qualified doctors are eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Bulk-billing is offered to veterans for eligible services.

Full payment of the account is to be paid at the time of the consultation.